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                              -SAME NAME AGAIN - HORSERIDER-

I got my email back so you can still email me at again. Sorry for the mess up guys!!                        

 Hey, everyone! Sorry, I havent been on here forEVR. I'm going to start coming up on here more and upgrading the website a lot more. I'll try to find new codes, and get more pictures, videos, and talk to more people.

Please contact me at mail to: to donate codes, talk about bellasara, or just have a question you would like me to answer!

- Horserider

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Hello, this is horsegirl101166, and i hope you love the new backrounds! Anasazanova helped me out with it, and she's a really great friend! I bet alot of you guys don't know this, but my internet got shut off, so i can't be on as long as i usually want to be on. I usually have to go to the library now.But, here's some good news! I am now a good friend with bellasaragirl! And plus, Im getting alot more codes up!!! I promised you guys codes, and most of the votes were for the codes page. So, i am going to put more codes up for you!!! I'm very greatful because now that my site is going around more, i have way more visitors than I used to!!! So congratulations to everyone!


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